Your Cooperative

CREC is owned and governed by you, the members it serves. Understanding what guides us, how we operate, and why your involvement is so important is vital to our organization. As a member, you are also entitled to unique cooperative benefits. 


Mission and vision

As a cooperative, it is CREC's responsibility to serve our members today, and tomorrow. CREC's Board of Directors adopted both mission and vision statements to help continue guiding us as we move forward to fulfill that responsibility. 


Cuivre River Electric Cooperative will be a progressive leader in the energy industry, empowering employees to serve our members using innovative energy solutions, while safely providing reliable service at the lowest possible cost. 


Cuivre River Electric aspires to be a trusted energy partner that is prepared to embrace opportunities in a changing utility industry while providing our members with maximum value and improving our communities. 

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of members, according to bylaws, is to be held between May 1 and October 1 of each year, to elect directors, provide reports for the previous fiscal year, and transact such other business as may come before the meeting. 

Cooperative members may vote for directors online or by paper ballot during a period before the annual meeting or may attend the annual meeting and vote in person. 

The term "cooperative member" refers to a person, family, or business that purchases electricity from the cooperative. One member = one vote.

The annual meeting is also an opportunity for members to vote on any cooperative bylaw changes that are proposed by the board.

Other Annual Meeting Resources

Annual Reports

Each year, CREC's President/CEO and Board President present an annual report to its members, summarizing the previous year's highlights and milestones.

NEW! 2022 Extended Annual Report                  2021  Annual Report                2020 Annual Report 

Member Surveys

Periodically, CREC will conduct member satisfaction surveys to learn about our members' preferences related to service and performance. Your participation in these surveys helps us improve and serve you better. Learn more about survey results.

Capital Credits

Being a member of an electric cooperative includes some unique benefits, such as capital credits. Similar to profit margins in other businesses, capital credits represent members' ownership equity and are refunded back to members. 

Learn more about capital credits.

Co-op Connections

CREC offers our members a unique and free program that gives you incredible discounts on everyday expenses. With a Co-op Connections program membership, you're entitled to discounts with national and local retailers as well as savings on health-related expenses. 

Learn more about Co-op Connections.