2018 Unclaimed Capital Credit Checks

2018 Unclaimed Capital Credit Checks

Some capital credit checks issued in 2018 still remain unclaimed

A list of former Cuivre River Cooperative Electric (CREC) members who were issued either capital credit checks or other refund checks in 2018 but have not yet claimed them is posted below.

Most checks represent a portion of the capital credits the members accumulated while purchasing electricity from the cooperative during 1995 and/or 2017. The cooperative has previously attempted to deliver these checks by mail. 

Former members who were eligible for capital credit or other refund checks for the period noted above, and who are not included in this list, have already received their checks.

All checks issued during 2018 which remain unclaimed 60 days after this notice appears in local area newspapers shall be deemed assigned and donated to CREC, in accordance with the cooperative’s bylaws. 

For questions about this list, please email us, crec@cuivre.com or call 800-392-3709. Proper identification is required to claim checks.  

The list below is searchable by the primary account holder's name and/or by the secondary name on the account (if there is one listed). You can also download the full pdf here.



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