Operation Round Up

Baskets of Joy

In 2004, Karen Mesler challenged students in her eighth-grade religion class to come up with an idea for a service project.

She wanted them to collect enough items to fill 12 baskets for less-fortunate children at Easter. By the time they were done, 25 baskets were ready to be delivered.

'Bigger than a T-shirt'

When a new student walks the hallways of Troy South Middle School for the first time, there can be plenty of nerves. It means a new school, a new teacher and new friends.

However, administrators and staff are ready to calm any fears. Every student in the school receives a spirit shirt as a way to demonstrate that they are included.

Operation Round Up reaches milestones in 2017

There has been a lot to celebrate in 2017 as Operation Round Up achieved two milestones and continued to impact many worthy causes.

The Cuivre River Electric Community Trust topped $5 million in grants awarded to needy individuals, families and community organizations since the program was launched in 1997. Additionally, Operation Round Up surpassed the $1 million mark in the amount of college scholarships awarded to students furthering their education at a university or technical school.

Grant assists First Step Back Home

The Cuivre River Electric Community Trust Board has awarded a $2,500 Operation Round Up grant to First Step Back Home to help with emergency shelter for homeless in St. Charles County motels.

The First Step Back Home is a faith-based, homeless ministry. The primary program is to house men and help them get work through temporary employment agencies; while also providing lodging for women and children who are not able to stay at places such as the Salvation Army, Our Ladies Inn or Robertson Center. People who are not willing to work are not accepted into the program.