Operation Round Up

ORU grant awards top $300,000 again

For the third year in a row, the Cuivre River Electric Community Trust awarded grants topping $300,000.

In 2018, 243 grants totaling $325,807.27 were given to individuals, families and community organization in St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren and Pike counties. Of that amount, 104 grants equaling $127,785.27 were issued to individuals and families, 69 grants for $128,272 were presented to organizations and 70 college scholarships totaling $69,750 were awarded to students.

Grant helps support emergency shelter

The number of youth facing homelessness has been growing at an alarming rate.

In Youth In Need's service area, the number of homeless students increased 114 percent over the last seven school years, from 5,886 (2009-2010) to 12,599 (2016-2017). These numbers include counts of 803 homeless students in St. Charles County, 409 in Warren County and 100 in Lincoln County.

Grant helps grow Seeds of Hope program

When Kathy Thompson first started working at LINC St. Charles County, she saw an early childhood center that was in need of some improvements.

Grant helps grow Seeds of Hope program

“Thirteen years ago, it was more like babysitting,” recalled Thompson, the executive director at the Wentzville-based agency. “Now over the past three to five years, it has become more preparation for kindergarten.”