Youth Tour

Youth Tour

2020 Youth Tour finalists announced

Congratulations to this year’s Youth Tour finalists who are named below. We have 12 students vying to earn a free trip to Washington, DC this summer (please go away COVID-19!). Our six Youth Tour delegates will be announced on April 15. The other six finalists will receive $500 scholarships.

The finalists had the top scoring essays out of more than 60 submitted for this year's competition. Each of the essays were read anonymously by our three preliminary judges. Normally, a finals banquet and competition is held each year where finalists present their essays orally. However, due to the coronavirus situation, we will have our three finals judges read each of the essays remotely. The scores from the preliminary and finals competition will be combined to determine whether our finalists are named Youth Tour delegates or scholarship recipients. For more information about the Youth Tour, email Tim Schmidt at

Finalists are :

  • Olivia Guffey, Liberty High School
  • Abigail Owenby, Warrenton High School
  • Kailey Cain, Liberty High School
  • Erin Hughey, Liberty High School
  • Jesa McGill, Warrrenton High School
  • Michele Higby, Warrenton High School
  • Anna Guss, Warrenton High School
  • Matthew Long, Liberty High School
  • Jonah Tate, Liberty High School
  • Kassandra Ehll, Warrenton High School
  • Meghan Coyle, Liberty High School
  • Joey Schieffer, Homeschool







What Is Youth Tour?

The Youth Tour provides high school juniors with a unique opportunity to learn about democracy and leadership in Washington, D.C. The goal of the Youth Tour is to foster students’ appreciation for the democratic form of government; educate students about the role of electric cooperatives in the national economy; expand their understanding of cooperatives as a business model; introduce students to the cooperative principles and understanding the value of rural electrification; expose students to the sights and sounds of our nation’s heritage; build students’ leadership skills so that they may make a difference in their communities; and reward students for academic achievement and community leadership.


Youth are the future. Impacting the lives of the youth of today is extremely important to the cooperative community. The mission of the Youth Tour sponsored by local electric cooperatives across the United States is built on the belief that textbooks and lectures alone are not enough to help students understand the democratic process and gain the skills necessary to become tomorrow's leaders. Rather, today's teenagers also need an opportunity to experience government first-hand by visiting the nation's capital, meeting their Representative and Senators and engaging in interactive workshops and discussion.


By educating our high school students and enhancing their self-worth, Cuivre River Electric Cooperative hopes to promote and inspire responsible and informed participation in the democratic process - in essence, ensuring a stronger future for everyone.