Rebate goal: Improve operating efficiency costs for all

November 6, 2017

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative offers rebates in conjunction with the Take Control & Save (TCS) program, funded primarily by power supplier Associated Electric Cooperative.

The goal of the TCS rebate program is to improve operating efficiency (including energy demand and kilowatt-hour use) across the cooperative-owned power supply network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Improved efficiency helps reduce costs for all members.

Since TCS was introduced in 2008, families and businesses have received more than $4.04 million in rebates. Cuivre River members have installed more than 4,976 tons of high efficiency heating and cooling. Energy demand savings from Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) and Dual Fuel Heat Pump (DFHP) installations exceed 3.2 megawatts compared to standard electric heating systems.

Rebates for homes and businesses include:

  • Water Heater Rebate: $50 for 90% efficient standard electric and Heat Pump tank-style water heaters, 40 gallon minimum (tankless units are not eligible).
  • GSHP Rebate: $750 per ton for qualifying new installations, $150 per ton for qualifying replacement units, 19.1 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) minimum for all units.
  • Basement/Crawl Space/Slab Floor Insulation Rebate: 50% (up to $500) when installed in conjunction with a GSHP. Insulation must meet current Energy Star® R-Value recommendations.
  • DFHP or Mini Split Unit Rebate: $150 per ton for qualifying installations, 16.5 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) minimum, with supplemental gas or propane heating. No electric resistant heat is permitted.
  • Business Lighting Rebate: amounts vary. Criteria are available for schools and commercial establishments undertaking energy-efficient lighting installations and upgrades. Business Lighting Rebate amounts are based on the energy to be saved per fixture (10-bulb minimum), capped at $30,000 per year, and cannot exceed 40% of lighting equipment cost.

Rebate forms with details and qualifications are available on To learn more call 800-392-3709, ext. 4732 or 4399. For information on Energy Star® standards visit

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