Participate in ORU Plus and help a neighbor

Participate in ORU Plus and help a neighbor

Since Operation Round Up was started more than 20 years, ago, the program has made a $5.6 million difference in our communities one penny at a time.

The community outreach program has proven to be a simple way for Cuivre River Electric members to help a neighbor in need and ensure that our communities continue to thrive.

Operation Round Up exists through the generosity of members who voluntarily choose to "round up" their electric bill payments each month to the next dollar amount.

Members may also choose to participate in Operation Round Up Plus, which gives you an opportunity to donate more than pennies when you pay your electric bill each month. When you sign up for ORU Plus, you authorize us to add a line item to your bill in addition to your regular monthly contribution.

You decide what you would like to give. An extra $1 or $5 would help many people, or you can choose any other amount. One-time donations are also welcome.
If you enroll in ORU Plus, you will remain in the program until you request to be removed.

All contributions are tax-deductible. You should receive a summary of your donations on your January bill.

Operation Round Up funds are dispersed each month by volunteers who serve on the Cuivre River Electric Community Trust Board. The funds must be used to address unmet needs in the areas of health, home weatherization, youth, education (including college scholarships), community services and emergency services.

To enroll in ORU Plus, contact our billing department at 800-392-3709. For more information on Operation Round Up, email

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