Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up

This month the cooperative celebrates the program's 20th year and a new milestone. Since those first pennies were rounded up in January 1997, more than $5 million has been awarded to local families, individuals and community organizations.

Operation Round Up Grant Applications


There are four applications designed to meet a variety of needs for eligible applicants. The deadline is the last day of each month except for scholarships. Grant applications are available at Cuivre River Electric Cooperative offices or can be downloaded by selecting one of the links below.



*Bright Future grants are for schools only.


The Cuivre River Electric Community Trust Board meets on the second Thursday of each month to review the completed Operation Round Up application received the prior month. Operation Round Up applications may be mailed or hand-delivered to any Cuivre River Electric office.


Since the program’s inception the Trust has provided:


  • 1,149 grants of $1,940,877.24 to community service providers,
  • 1,466 grants totaling $1,255,953.26 to individuals and families with medical and health  needs,
  • 158 grants of $190,668.85 to emergency services providers,
  • 168 grants of $130,050.40 to local schools for educational materials and equipment,
  • 2,025 scholarships equaling $984,000.00 to undergraduate students attending accredited universities or technical schools and for continuing education,
  • 199 grants of $221,772.56 for weatherization to help provide long-term energy and home efficiency solutions for low-income and elderly individuals, and
  • 549 grants of $308,836.19 to support local youth activities which promote good citizenship and help develop strong, healthy communities.



Trustees are community volunteers who are chosen for their proven, personal commitment to help others, and their awareness of community needs and resources. They are appointed by the Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Board of Directors to the seven-member Cuivre River Electric Community Trust Board. They include Cuivre River members and nonmembers.


For additional information or to request an Operation Round Up application visit www.cuivre.com, email Tim Schmidt at tschmidt@cuivre.com, or call 636-695-4837.


Trustee Roster


Terms of the first trustees were staggered to provide a continuum of leadership. Subsequent trustees may serve two consecutive three-year terms.


The following 31 volunteer trustees have helped Operation Round Up pennies serve far beyond their face value.


The Cuivre River Electric Community Trust Board includes a total of seven trustees including three trustees from St. Charles County, two from Lincoln/Pike County and two from Warren County.


St. Charles County:

Ben Blanton*, 1997-2000

First Chairman

Lloyd Hackbarth, 1997-2001

Phyllis Schneider*, 1997-2002

Brian Bredensteiner*, 2001-2006

Dr. Richard Place (d), 2002 - 2007

Billy Collier*, 2003-2008

Don Schappe*, 2007-2012

Jim Pitman, 2008-2013

Diane Saale, 2009 (partial)

Nancy Matheny, 2009-2014

Melissa Hollander, 2013-2018

Frank Klaas, 2014 to present

Doug Steinmeyer, 2015 to present

Lisa Dunham, 2019 to present


Lincoln County:

(Pike County included)

Ray Davis (d), 1997-2002

Dorothy Henke, 1997 (partial)

Louise Mayes, 1997-2000

Julie Wayman, 2001-2006

Dale Black, 2003-2008

Melba Houston, 2007-2012

Bob Hall, 2009-2014

Jim Mayes*, 2013-2018

Linda Whalen, 2015 to present

Redonda Heitman, 2019 to present


Warren County:

(Montgomery County included)

Julie Schneider, 1997-2001

Gladys Ball (d), 1997-2002

Pat Breeden, 2002-2005

Jill Smoot, 2003-2008

Cindy Gladden, 2005-2010

Dan Elliott*, 2009-2014

Elise Homeyer, 2011-2016

Joyce Hollaway, 2015 to present

John Deutch, 2017 to present


* Served as Chairman

(d) deceased


Operation Round Up


Operation Round Up is a community outreach program funded by Cuivre River Electric Cooperative members through the Cuivre River Electric Community Trust. CREC members contribute by "rounding up" their electric bill payments each month.


Operation Round Up Mission


The goal of Operation Round Up is to help individuals, families and communities address unmet needs in the areas of health, youth, education, home weatherization, community and emergency services. Funds can be used to:


  • Help families cope with emergencies, illnesses, and special medical needs.
  • Help low-income and elderly neighbors reduce the burden of home energy bills with long term solutions that improve their home's efficiency.
  • Help schools and neighbors with limited resources improve educational opportunities.
  • Assist community youth organizations and activities which promote good citizenship for strong, healthy communities.
  • Aid community and emergency service providers in their efforts to improve the quality of life for our less fortunate neighbors, and support each community's health, safety and well-being.


Funds may NOT be used for:


  • Electricity, Propane/Gas, Telephone/Cable/Satellite/Internet bills
  • Mortgage/Rent deposits or payments, Real estate/Personal property taxes
  • Home/Renter's insurance payments
  • Automobile expenses
  • Credit card payments
  • Food