Grant gives boost to Nurse's Needs program

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May 7, 2019

In a time of need, school nurses are sometimes the first resource for children.

The children visit a nurse for many reasons other than a medical illness. The student may be hungry from not eating breakfast, or in need of personal care or clothing items. Sometimes the items may not be available and the children have to do without.
The Adopt-A-Family Ministry based in Wentzville is hoping to fill the void.

Grant gives boost to Nurse's Needs program

Through the organization's Nurse's Needs program, the ministry is purchasing supplies that are needed for nurses in the Wentzville R-IV School District and not included in the district's annual budget.

"We have a relationship with all of the school nurses," said the Rev. Mark Dumas, lead pastor at Wentzville United Methodist Church and Adopt-A-Family board member.

In March, the Adopt-A-Family Ministry was awarded a $500 grant from the Cuivre River Electric Community Trust Board in support of the Nurse's Needs program.

If not for the Nurse's Needs program, school nurses would be forced to purchase the supplies with their own money or go without it.

Nurses have the opportunity to request supplies at the end of each quarter. Some of the items include crackers, deodorant, toothpaste and clothes.

"It is working out well," said Donna Norman, board member. "The nurses really appreciate it."

Halfway through the current school year, the Adopt-A-Family Ministry has already spent over $2,000 on supplies for nurses, roughly the same amount spent the entire previous year.

The Adopt-A-Family Ministry is affiliated with Wentzville United Methodist Church, located at 725 Wall Street. Besides the Nurse's Needs program, the Adopt-A-Family Ministry provides Thanksgiving food baskets, Christmas gifts and a back-to-school program. Most of the organization's support comes from individual and corporate donations. For more information, call 636-327-6377.