Employee saves $63 on prescription costs

Employee saves $63 on prescription costs

Sticker shock. Not the sticker shock of buying a car, but the shocking cost of many prescription drugs.

Thanks to some quick thinking, Cuivre River Receptionist Tonya Linton recently found a way to reduce her costs by using her Co-op Connections card.

Tonya first priced the drug using her insurance coverage. The price quoted was $170!

“I was so shocked at the price,” she says. “I then remembered reading about the savings you might get from using the Co-op Connections card.”

The pharmacy worker at the Walmart store in Troy took Tonya’s card, entered the numbers on the back of the card into the computer, and then quoted her a new cash price of $107. She saved $63.

“I paid $107. That still seems expensive, but I saved $63 on-the-spot the first time I ever used the card,” adds Tonya. “I thought I’d save maybe $10, not $63. I was happily surprised!”

We thank Tonya for sharing her pharmacy experience this month.

How much can I save?
By using the Co-op Connections card pharmacy discount, you can expect to save  10 to 85 percent, depending on the drug and generic availability. If you have prescription coverage, show your card anyway and ask for a price comparison. You might be able to save a sizable amount like Tonya did.

How do I get a card?
The easiest way to get your Co-op Connections Card is to email rsmerkar@cuivre.com. Please remember to reference Co-op Connections Card in the subject line.

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