Cuivre River says farewell to Susan Dollins

Cuivre River says farewell to Susan Dollins

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative (CREC) recently said farewell to Manager of Finance and Accounting Susan Dollins, who retired from a 37-year co-op career including 17 years with CREC and 20 years with Ozark Border Electric Cooperative.

Susan Dollins retires from Cuivre River
General Manager/CEO Doug Tracy, left,
congratulates retiring Susan Dollins
for her service to Cuivre River members

“While at Cuivre River, she championed the implementation of industry-leading best practices in finance, accounting, billing, remittance and e-services while demonstrating extraordinary integrity, accountability and commitment to our members,” said General Manager/CEO Doug Tracy.

Reflecting on her extensive co-op career, Dollins recalled the fascinating changes technology brought to her profession. Throughout her career she enjoyed converting manual process to computers, always seeking ways to help technology serve people.

“I’m proud of what we’ve done to provide our members with more payment options, while making their transactions easier, more efficient and more secure.” She also helped lead Cuivre River’s efforts to increase and enhance the quality and quantity of services available to members during extended daily business hours.

Dollins is also proud of the cooperative industry she made her life’s work, and of the benefits cooperatives have brought — and continue to bring — to people.

With Cuivre River in the rear-view mirror, she and her husband, Rod, now embark on a journey to see the country. We wish them safe travels and many years of happy and well-deserved retirement.  

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