Co-op Connections Card

Co-op Connections Card

Barb Cashion opened Here’s 2 Eyes in Troy during September 2006 and took advantage of a free advertising opportunity through Cuivre River’s Co-op Connections Card discount program less than two years later while her optometry business was still in its infancy.

Barb says, “The program looked like a good opportunity to get my name out there in public, plus it didn’t hurt to partner with an outstanding organization like Cuivre River.”

Here’s 2 Eyes has been part of the Co-op Connections Card family since Cuivre River introduced the program in April 2008.

Here’s 2 Eyes features affordable eye exams, frames and lenses, contact lenses, plus frame repairs while you wait. Barb has nearly 30 years experience as a practicing optician who can fit your glasses, make frame repairs, and sometimes even make the lenses for glasses at her in-store finishing lab.

Co-op Connections Card discounts at Here’s 2 Eyes include: 25% off contacts with current prescription; $5 off any repair valued at $8 minimum; and 30% off frames and lenses. The Co-op Connections Card discount cannot be used with other insurance plans or discounts.

At Here’s 2 Eyes  you can select from designer frames to value-priced frames for all ages, starting with infants.

“Our Co-op Connections discount is also appealing to people who don’t have vision insurance and makes their experiences more affordable,” adds Barb. “A lot of people come in and this is the only discount they have.  We’re trying to take care of our neighbors here.”

An optometrist is on hand to provide eye exams Monday, Wednesday and Friday (9:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. each day).

Here’s 2 Eyes is located at 104 Sarah Ann Blvd. in Troy and can be reached at 636.528.4444. Store hours are Monday - Friday (9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.) and Saturday (9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.).

To view other local business partners, visit and click on the Co-op Connections Card link.

Local businesses interested in participating can call 800.392.3709, ext. 4838. There is no cost to participating businesses other than the discount value.

Cards are available to all Cuivre River Electric Cooperative members. To request cards call the number above.

Above: Here’s 2 Eyes owner Barb Cashion displays a freshly-cut eyeglass lens which took about one minute to cut in a computerized machine at her Troy lab. Here’s 2 Eyes was an inaugural Co-op Connections Card business partner when Cuivre River introduced the program in 2008.

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