Back-to-school safety tips for kids

August 14, 2017

Teaching kids to stay safe is a never-ending job, but when it comes to electricity, what you teach them can save their lives.

  • Keep kites, balloons and model airplanes away from power lines.
  • Never climb trees near power lines. Even if the lines aren’t touching the tree, they could when more weight is added to the branch.
  • Never climb a utility pole or tower. The electricity carried through this equipment is very high voltage and could kill you.
  • Don’t play on or around pad-mounted electrical equipment.
  • Never go into an electric substation for any reason, even on a dare.
  • Never stick fingers, pins, keys or paperclips in an electrical outlet. Curious children may be too young to understand the dangers of playing with electrical outlets. For the best protection, install tamper-resistant outlets to keep little ones safe.

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