2020 Election Information

2020 Election Information

Voting is now open (online or paper ballot) through August 24, or vote at the annual meeting on August 27

Ballot information

The 2020 ballot includes two proposed changes to CREC bylaws, and the names of candidates in each of four districts. You are eligible to vote yes or no on the approval of each of the proposed bylaw changes, and to choose one candidate for each district. You may vote online or request a paper ballot to vote by mail. To obtain a paper ballot, call 952-974-2339 or email support@directvote.net. Support is available 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. on weekdays. Instructions for marking your ballot are stated on the paper ballot and are available through the online ballot portal.

Online ballots must be submitted by 11:59 pm CST on Monday, August 24; paper ballots must be delivered to Survey & Ballot Systems by mail before the close of business on Monday, August 24.

Ballots may not be delivered to CREC offices or brought and cast at the Annual Meeting. However:

  • If you request a paper ballot and do not use it, you may attend the meeting at our Lake Saint Louis office on Thursday, August 27, and receive a new ballot when you register.
  • If you’re not sure you mailed your ballot in time you may attend the meeting and verify receipt of your ballot. If your ballot did not arrive by the August 24 deadline you may receive a new ballot.

All members who vote (either online, by paper ballot, or at the annual meeting) will be entered into a drawing for free electricity. Regarding prize drawings: you are NOT required to attend the annual meeting in order to win prizes. The names of winners will be drawn in the week following the annual meeting for these free electricity awards:

  • One member will receive a $1,500 bill credit
  • Two members will each receive a $500 bill credit
  • Two others will each receive a $250 bill credit
  • Twelve members will each receive a bill credit for a month's use of electricity (up to $200)

Ballot order for candidates

The ballot order for all candidates was drawn randomly by the Nominating Committee. An asterisk (*) denotes current officeholders. Candidates were asked to respond to these questions (below), and their responses are summarized here for your review.

Candidate questions

  • What knowledge, experience or special abilities would you bring to the board?
  • What are some of the important issues you believe the board needs to focus on the next few years?
  • Which of the following is the most important feature of the electricity Cuivre River provides: (1) affordable, (2) reliable, (3) environmentally clean.
  • What is the best way to meet present and future energy needs?
  • What interests you most about serving on the board?

Vote online

If you have a valid email address on file, you may receive an email containing a direct link to your ballot. No email? If you do not receive the email link or prefer not to use it, type directvote.net/crec/ directly into your web browser (not into a search engine) to access the login page of the 2020 Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Ballot. You will be asked to provide your member number (without the dash or numbers after the dash) and the zip code of your billing address.


Vote by mail

Send your ballot in the postage-paid return envelope to:

Survey & Ballot Systems,

7653 Anagram Drive,

Eden Prairie, MN 55344.


Do not mail your ballot to Cuivre River Electric. Please allow time for delivery by August 24.