2018 Annual Meeting Minutes

2018 Annual Meeting Minutes


2018 Annual Meeting of Members

The 76th Annual Meeting of Members of Cuivre River Electric Cooperative, Inc., (hereinafter referred to as “Cooperative”), was held on August 10, 2018, at the Family Arena in Saint Charles, Missouri. Registration began at 4:00 p.m. and a complimentary meal was provided. Members were entertained by Butch Wax and the Hollywoods prior to the business meeting.

President Diane Saale called the meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. by announcing that a quorum of 590 members was present.  The members were welcomed, and an invocation was given by Pastor Emeritus Robert Thompson of First Baptist Church Lake Saint Louis. After the invocation, guests were introduced to General Manager/CEO Doug Tracy.

Proof of mailing of the Notice of the Annual Meeting was read by the Secretary/Treasurer. A copy was ordered and will be attached to these minutes.

Members of the Board of Directors were introduced. Ms. Saale then called upon Mr. Shawn Battagler, the Cooperative’s attorney, to conduct the election of directors. Mr. Battagler stated that the Committee of Nominations had met and nominated Wayne Daniels, David Henke Sr. and Mick Burkemper from Lincoln County District #3; Keith Luecke and Richard Veinot from Warren County District #2; Mark Schulte and Erwin Emge from St. Charles District #1; and Dana Mercurio and Dale Anderson from St. Charles District #3.  No nominations were made by petition. The candidates were introduced on stage and members were asked to mark their ballots. The inspectors collected the ballots and retired to count the ballots.

On motion duly made, seconded, and unanimously passed, the minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting of Members were approved as recorded.  Secretary/Treasurer Ted House presented the financial report included with the Annual Meeting program.

Mr. Tracy presented the General Manager’s report highlighting the year’s activity.

The inspectors of election, having completed the counting of the ballots, submitted their report as follows:

Lincoln County District 3                                                                      

Wayne Daniels                                 479  

David Henke Sr.                               595                                                                                                  

Mick Burkemper *                        1,510                                                                                      


Warren County District 2                                                                     

Keith Luecke *                             1,920                                                                          

Richard Veinot                                640                                                                                      


St. Charles District 1                                                                             

Mark Schulte *                             1,831                                                              

Erwin Emge                                    774              


St. Charles District 3

Dana Mercurio                                 934                          

Dale Anderson *                          1,669              


Mr. Battagler then declared that Mick Burkemper, Keith Luecke, Mark Schulte and Dale Anderson, having received the highest number of votes, were elected directors of the Cooperative, each to serve a term of three years and until his/her successor has been elected and qualified. 

The reports of the Committee on Nominations, Inspectors of Election, and Oath of Inspectors were attached to these minutes.

The Chairman then asked if there were any unfinished business. There being none, on motion made, seconded, and passed, the meeting was adjourned.  Attendance prizes were then distributed.