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Cuivre River Electric Co-op Connections® Card.


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Cuivre River Co-op Connections Card Local Business Discount List.

The Co-op Connections® Card helps Cuivre River families get more than just electricity from their cooperative membership. The discounts can help Cuivre River members save a little money here and there.

What is it? It’s a member discount card that puts savings at your fingertips. Save when you shop at local network pharmacies and other participating businesses, and when shop online or by phone with national business partners who want to give co-op members a break.


How do I get a card? Cuivre River members have saved more than $370,450.00 at local pharmacies already. Walmart, Walgreens, Schnucks and Target are part of the pharmacy network, as well as many locally owned pharmacies – 60,000 locations across the country. New Cuivre River members receive cards with their Application for Membership when they join the cooperative. Members can also request a new or replacement cards by calling 800.392.3709, ext. 4838 or contacting Rod Smerkar at and providing a member number and address.


Who can use the card? Any Cuivre River member and his/her extended family may use the card. Use the Discount Search link to look up pharmacy discounts and providers by zip code, and to identify other businesses that offer savings where you live or travel. Where can I use the card? Look for the card logo at local businesses, or ask at the counter before your purchase. Hundreds of cooperatives across the state and country offer discounts in their areas, and will honor the Cuivre River card as well.


Online, link to special offers through the Discount Search portal to find special discount codes for your online orders. Many businesses also offer toll-free numbers for ordering by phone. National discounts must be obtained via the web link or phone, and are not available “on the spot” when you walk in to visit a local affiliate of the national vendor.


How can my business join? Enrollment is free and open to business willing to offer family-appropriate discounts to cooperative members. The only cost is the value of the discount. The minimum enrollment period is 12 months. Call 800.392.3709, ext. 4838 for a business application.


The Co-op Connections Card is made possible through Cuivre River’s membership in Touchstone Energy®, a national alliance of 753 cooperatives which share a commitment to community service, innovation, integrity and accountability.

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