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Youth Tour Essay Contest Begins February 1, 2016

Want to see how 500-1,000 words can change your life? Cuivre River Electric wants to send you, and five other high school juniors, on a trip of a lifetime to Washington, D.C. to attend the 2016 National Youth Tour Conference in Washington, D.C.


How? (1) Fill out a Youth Tour application. (2) Write a 500-1,000 word composition on “My Favorite Cooperative Principle.” (3) Submit your Youth Tour application and composition. Contest entries are due March 18, 2016. Students may enter independently or through their schools. Six students will receive the all-expense paid trip to D.C. and six students will receive a $500 scholarship to the college or university of their choice. It’s easy. 500-1,000 words on “My Favorite Cooperative Principle.” You can do it!


Watch the 2015 Missouri Youth Tour delegates, including Cuivre River Youth Tour delegates Hannah Baalman, Sarah Hoelscher, Jessica Hoelting, Alexandra Hudelson, Alexa Jones and Madison Jones, during their trip to our nation's capital last year as they attended the National Youth Tour Conference. See how 500-1,000 words changed their lives! So, write your essay, enter Cuivre River Electric's 2016 Youth Tour Essay Contest, and you could be on your way to Washington, D.C. June 10-16, 2016 or receive a $500 scholarship.



Cuivre River Electric Youth Tour Contest Begins February 2.Youth Tour Contest Begins: February 1, 2016

My Favorite Cooperative Principle. Cuivre River Electric Cooperative, Inc. (CREC) invites high school juniors of Lincoln, Pike, St. Charles and Warren counties to participate in the Youth Tour essay contest. "My Favorite Cooperative Principle" is the essay topic chosen for students who enter the competition which begins February 1.This is Cuivre River's 48th annual contest to select high school juniors to serve as delegates to the National Youth Tour in Washington, D. C. June 10-16. Read more…



Cuivre River Electric. What is the Youth Tour?What Is The Youth Tour?

The Youth Tour provides high school juniors with a unique opportunity to learn about democracy and leadership in Washington, D.C. The goal of the Youth Tour is to foster students’ appreciation for the democratic form of government; educate students about the role of electric cooperatives in the national economy; expand their understanding of cooperatives as a business model; introduce students to the cooperative principles and understanding the value of rural electrification; expose students to the sights and sounds of our nation’s heritage; build students’ leadership skills so that they may make a difference in their communities; Read more...
Youth Tour Origin & History.Youth Tour Origin & History
Senator Lyndon Johnson inspired the Youth Tour when he addressed the NRECA Annual Meeting in Chicago in 1957. The Senator declared, "If one thing goes out of this meeting, it will be sending youngsters to the national capital where they can actually see what the flag stands for and represents." Read more.

Cuivre River Electric 2015 Youth Tour Delegates.Youth Tour Delegates Visit U.S. Capitol: June 18, 2015

Washington, D.C. – Ninety-seven high school juniors from Missouri participated in the 51st anniversary of National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s (NRECA) Youth Tour in Washington, D.C. June 12-18. Local delegates were Hannah Baalman, Dardenne Prairie; Alexa and Madison Jones, O’Fallon; Alexandra Hudelson, Old Monroe; Jessica Hoelting, Moscow Mills; and Sarah Hoelscher, Warrenton. They were sponsored by Cuivre River Electric Cooperative (CREC), Troy. The seven-day tour provided an action-filled week for high school students. Read more…


2015 Cuivre River Youth Tour Daily Delegate Blog.Youth Tour Daily Delegate Blogs: June 12-18, 2015

The Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Youth Tour Delegates will be in Washington, D.C. from June 12-18, 2015. Each day Hannah Baalman, Sarah Hoelscher, Jessica Hoelting, Alexandra Hudelson, Alexa Jones and Madison Jones will post and share their experiences and pictures from their daily adventures in and around our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. Join them on their trip to Jefferson City, St. Louis and around our Nation's Capital, Washington, D.C. Who knows what they will see? Find out here! Read blogs...



2015 Cuivre River Electric Youth Tour Contest Winners.Cuivre River Announces Youth Tour Winners: April 9, 2015

“Concern for Community” is the cooperative principle that won the hearts of most finalists in Cuivre River Electric Cooperative’s 47th Annual Youth Tour Final Competition on April 8. Twelve local students presented their essays touting “The Power of Cooperative Principles” with judges and guests attending the event. Read more…


Cuivre River Electric Announces Youth Tour Finalists.Cuivre River Announces Youth Tour Finalists: March 27, 2015

Cuivre River Electric is proud to announce the twelve area high school juniors who have been selected as the CREC Youth Tour finalists. They are Alexa Jones and Madison Jones of Francis Howell HS, Michele Norton of Silex HS, Krista Krekeler and Alyssa Shields of Timberland HS, Jessica Hoelting of Troy Buchannan HS, Sarah Hoelscher, Baylie Fowler and Kierstan McBride of Warrenton HS, Alexandra Hudelson and Kasey Kaimann of Winfield HS, and homeschool student Hannah Baalman. Read more…


Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Youth Tour Additional Information.

2016 Youth Tour Contest Application.2016 Youth Tour Essay Contest Application
This is it! Cuivre River Electric's Official Youth Tour Essay Contest Application. Everything a high school junior living in the Cuivre River Electric service area (Lincoln, Pike, St. Charles and Warren counties) needs to know about entering the 2016 Youth Tour Essay Contest. The topic for the essay contest is "My Favorite Cooperative Principle." Official contest rules, important dates, judging criteria and resources are provided on this application. Student compositions must include a completed Official Youth Tour Essay Contest Application upon submission of their entry into the contest. 

2016 Youth Tour Research and Study Guide.2016 Youth Tour Research and Study Guide

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative is proud to offer the Youth Tour Research and Study Guide to students looking for cooperative information to use in their composition. The Youth Tour Research and Study Guide contains 11 pages of cooperative information highlighting cooperatives and your community, the history of rural electrification, important dates, energy terms and Cuivre River Electric Cooperative facts. The perfect tool when crafting your 500-1,000 word essay for the 2016 Youth Tour Contest. Get your copy here...


Youth Tour finalists can download a copy of the Cooperative Knowledge Quiz to get a better understanding of the type of questions that may be used on this year's quiz. This sample was used in a previous Youth Tour competition and the answers can be found in the Youth Tour Research and Study Guide and on our website. Get your copy here...


Cuivre River Electric Youth Tour YouTube Channel.Missouri Youth Tour YouTube Channel

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative proudly presents the Missouri Youth Tour YouTube Channel! This collection of videos, produced by the Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives (AMEC), highlights the Missouri Youth Tour Delegates experiences in Washington, D.C. as they attended the National Youth Tour Conference from previous years. Follow Missouri Youth Tour Director Mike Marsch and ninety-five high school juniors, you might recognize a few of them, on their action packed all expense paid seven day tour. A trip of a lifetime! See what 500-1,000 words can do for you! Show Me DC!


Cuivre River Electric Youth Tour. The Electric Cooperative Story Video."The Electric Cooperative Story" Video

Looking for some help with your Youth Tour essay? What is a cooperative? What are cooperative principles? What makes a cooperative different? Cuivre River Electric Cooperative is proud to present “The Electric Cooperative Story” video. This incredible video is provided by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) and features a fast-action hand-drawn guide to the history, structure, and purpose of rural electric cooperatives. The perfect resource for your 500-1,000 word Cuivre River Electric Youth Tour composition. See video…


Cuivre River Electric Youth Tour History. 45 Years Of Leadership!Cuivre River Youth Tour Delegate History

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative is proud to sponsor the Youth Tour. Since 1964, More than 200 students have represented our cooperative, and the Missouri State Cooperatives, in Washington, D.C.  The names of the Cuivre River Youth Tour Delegates, and their high schools, are listed below and forever linked to our history and commitment to the Cooperative Principle: Education, Training and Information. Read more...

Missouri Youth Tour Dynamic Duo! Lonnie and Mike.

Lonnie Tucker Mike Marsch
Cuivre River Electric AMEC
Youth Tour Coordinator Youth Tour Director
P.O. Box 160 P.O. Box 1645
Troy, MO 63379 Jefferson City, MO 65102
(800) 392-3709, ext. 4837
(573) 635-6857, ext. 3439