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Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up is a community outreach program funded by Cuivre River Electric Cooperative members through the Cuivre River Electric Community Trust. CREC members contribute by "rounding up" their electric bill payments each month. Operation Round Up monthly summary. Read More...


Board of Trustees

Funds are administered by seven volunteer trustees (pictured below) who represent the geographic areas where Cuivre River Electric Cooperative has electric service available (portions of Lincoln, Pike, St. Charles and Warren Counties). Funds are available for members and non-members who live in these areas.


2013 Community Trust Board. Chairman Dan Elliott, Vice-Chairman Nancy Matheny, Treasurer Bob Hall,  Secretary Melissa Hollander, Elise Homeyer, Jim Mayes and Jim Pitman.

Mission. The goal of Operation Round Up is to help individuals, families and communities address unmet needs in the areas of health, youth, education, home weatherization, community and emergency services. Funds can be used to:


  • Help families cope with emergencies, illnesses, and special medical needs.
  • Help low-income and elderly neighbors reduce the burden of home energy bills with long term solutions that improve their home's efficiency.
  • Help schools and neighbors with limited resources improve educational opportunities.
  • Assist community youth organizations and activities which promote good citizenship for strong, healthy communities.
  • Aid community and emergency service providers in their efforts to improve the quality of life for our less fortunate neighbors, and support each community's health, safety and well-being. 

Funds may NOT be used for:

  • Electricity, Propane/Gas, Telephone/Cable/Satelite/Internet bills
  • Mortgage/Rent deposits or payments, Real estate/Personal property taxes
  • Home/Renter's insurance payments
  • Automobile expenses
  • Credit card payments
  • Food
Grant Applications

There are four applications designed to meet a variety of needs for eligible applicants. The deadline is the last day of each month except for scholarships. Grant applications are available at Cuivre River Electric Cooperative offices or can be downloaded by selecting one of the links below.


*Bright Future grants are for schools only.

Scholarship deadlines have changed. Please be advised the New Scholarship Deadlines are now May 1 and October 1. High school seniors are eligible for the May deadline only.

Trustees meet once a month. Applications may be mailed or hand-delivered to any CREC office.
Cuivre River Electric Cooperative members have donated more than $3.87 Million in small change to Operation Round Up since the program began in 1997. Together, their small change each month has changed the lives of thousands of individuals in our local communities. 4,692 Operation Round Up grants totaling $3,874,289.47 have been awarded by the Board of Trustees to date.
Many members of Cuivre River Electric Cooperative contribute by rounding up their monthly electric bill to the next highest dollar. The minimum amount you contribute each month is one cent, and the maximum is 99 cents. This contribution is voluntary. If you choose not to contribute, please notify us by email, phone, mail, or in person.
All other contributions for Operation Round Up are appreciated and accepted. Mail them to: Cuivre River Electric Community Trust, P.O. Box 160, Troy, MO  63379
Contact us at to ask about your Operation Round Up contribution.
The Cuivre River Electric Community Trust is a 501 C-3 corporation. All contributions are tax-deductible.
For more information on Operation Round Up call Lonnie Tucker at 1-800-392-3709 Ext. 230.

Three Million Celebration

Community leaders and elected officials joined Cuivre River Electric Cooperative (CREC) and Community Trust Board representatives today as Operation Round Up, the program which funds the 501(c) 3 Trust, celebrates a new milestone. Since Cuivre River launched the program in 1997, cooperative members have donated more than $3 million, often just one penny at a time.

“This is a tremendous milestone for the Cuivre River Electric Cooperative and Operation Round Up, and the members who support this important cause should be proud,” Gov. Jay Nixon said in a statement to mark the event. “In times of need, Missourians are always ready to step forward and offer their assistance to folks in every corner of our state. Operation Round Up is another example of the generosity and compassion that make Missouri such a special place to live, work and raise a family,” he adds.
“I am proud to support Cuivre River Electric Cooperative’s 2010 Operation Round Up,” Lt. Governor Peter Kinder said in a statement.  “The program is a beacon of hope for many in our community.  The services and support provided by Operation Round Up will have a lasting effect for many of our neighbors,” he adds.
Operation Round Up Brochure.Members donate by paying a “rounded up” amount ranging from one penny to 99 cents on their monthly electricity bills, totaling about $20,000 each month. “Each month all funds go right back into the community,” says Lonnie Tucker, Operation Round Up coordinator. An exception is scholarship funds reserved and awarded twice a year. “The average yearly contribution from one member household is about $6.00,” says Tucker. “Nearly 90% of eligible members participate.” He confirms that 100% of the contributions go directly to help others.
Operation Round Up was founded to help address unmet needs in the areas of health, youth, education, home weatherization, community and emergency services. These funds are available to help individuals, families and organizations in the CREC service area. “Operation Round Up has really struck a nerve in the hearts of many of us who work with the program,” says Trust Board Chairman Don Schappe. “It presents such a wonderful opportunity for caring people to accomplish good things of great magnitude by pooling even the most meager resources – pennies,” adds Schappe.
Operation Round Up Program Breakdown.Grants since the program’s inception have been awarded to 1,819 families and individuals, 1,338 students (scholarships) and 793 organizations. Community service providers have received 35% of funds, 26% has provided health care assistance (medical bills, medication and therapy services), and 24% has provided scholarships and education program support. In addition, the needs of youth have received seven percent of funds, emergency service providers have received five percent, and three percent has helped provide long-term energy efficiency improvements through home weatherization.
Operation Round Up funds are administered each month by the seven member volunteer Cuivre River Electric Community Trust Board: Chairman Don Schappe, Vice Chairman Melba Houston, Treasurer Bob Hall, Secretary Dan Elliott, Cindy Gladden, Nancy Matheny and Jim Pitman. “They give their time and talent to make a difference in the lives of so many individuals, families and organizations,” says Mary Jane Clark, Manager of Communications. The CREC Board appoints Trustees, chosen for their proven, personal commitment to help others, and their awareness of community needs and resources.
During a brief ceremony to thank donors and reflect on the program’s impact on local citizens, Cuivre River extended a special thank you to community agencies often called upon to help coordinate activities for families in need. Officials also thanked the media and civic groups which spread the word about the program and share personal stories of success and gratitude.
CREC was established by local residents in 1941 to provide electricity in portions of Lincoln, Pike, St. Charles and Warren counties where electricity was not available. The cooperative now serves more than 59,500 homes and businesses. For more information on Operation Round Up and Cuivre River Electric Cooperative visit or call 800-392-3709, ext. 230, 234 or 330.