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Cuivre River Electric Cooperative. Rates To Offset $5 Million In Cost Increases.Rates To Offset $5 Million In Cost Increases

First Rate Increase In 7 Years. According to General Manager / CEO Dan L. Brown, rising wholesale power costs will create a $5 million revenue shortfall in 2016, leading Cuivre River to its first energy rate increase since 2009. Wholesale rates are ramping up in stages. A 2.3% increase went into effect January 1. An additional 3% increase takes effect April 1. Cuivre River will implement an average rate increase of about 5.5% effective March 1, to be billed in April. Read more...


Cuivre River Electric 2016 Youth Tour Contest Begins.Youth Tour 2016 Competition Begins

Cuivre River Electric invites high school juniors of Lincoln, Pike, St. Charles and Warren counties to participate in the Youth Tour essay contest. "My Favorite Cooperative Principle" is the essay topic chosen for students who enter the competition which begins February 1. Read more…


Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Operation Round Up.Your Pennies Changed Lives

More than 51,000 Cuivre River members pooled their pennies in 2015 to help their neighbors through Operation Round Up. Pennies donated helped fund more than $278,000 to address unmet needs in health, youth, education, weatherization, community and emergency services. The grants helped 70 local families, provided scholarships for 87 students, and helped 50 organizations address unmet community needs. Read more…


Cuivre River Electric Cooperative. Operation Round Up Scholarships.Trustees Award $18,500 In Scholarships

Volunteers who serve on the Cuivre River Electric Community Trust Board recently awarded $18,500 in scholarships to help 37 local undergraduate students pursue their dreams of a college education this spring. Students are eligible to be considered for a scholarship if they live in the Cuivre River Electric Cooperative service area. Read more…


Cuivre River Electric Cooperative's Maureen Lenk Retires.Maureen Lenk Retires

Friends and family members recently gathered to celebrate Maureen Lenk’s retirement and her 34 years of service to Cuivre River. Maureen has witnessed many changes as the cooperative has grown to 62,500 members. She came to Cuivre River in February, 1979 from a night-time job at the telephone company, pleased to find a day-time job. As a Computer Operator (1979 -1983) she recalls keying hand-written readings from meter readers' books for more than 16,000 members. Read more…


Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Employee Service Awards.Employees Honored For Years Of Service

Cuivre River pays special tribute to employees who reach five-year employment milestones. As 2015 drew to a close, 32 honored employees celebrated a combined 580 years of service together. Mike Bess (10 years), Lori Montgomery (20), Mark Ruff (25); Lonnie Tucker (10), Mark Ziegler (30), Rob Von Hoffer (10), Rod Nesslage (25), Clint Courtney (15), Jonathan Pauk (10), Roman Schuette (10 years), Tom Schaper (25), Eric Twellman (15), Eric Nichols (10), Glenda Presley (25), Susan Dollins (15), Anna Pudiwitr (30), and others. Read more…


Cuivre River Electric Cooperative's New Website To Launch March 1st.New Website To Launch March 1st

On March 1 Cuivre River Electric will launch a "new and improved" www.cuivre.com, according to Communications Specialist Lonnie Tucker. "We've been tracking how our members access our site," says Tucker. "More than 60 percent of visitors now use mobile and tablet devices to get to www.cuivre.com, compared to using laptops or desktops," he adds. "This is great news, but our current website platform isn’t ideal for these devices. It will be after March 1." Read more…


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