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Sweepstakes Scam Alert


Cuivre River Electric Cooperative is the target of an ongoing scam that goes by various titles including “Canadian Sweepstakes”, "Mega Million Sweepstakes" and "Publisher's Clearinghouse".


An unknown entity is sending correspondence and fake checks (see "Mega Millions Clearing House" samples below) that appear to be from Cuivre River Electric to random out-of-state victims of this scam.


"Mega Millions" Sweepstakes Scam Alert.


Foreign lottery fraud is currently one of the most prevalent consumer frauds according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Victims are told they have won a lottery or sweepstakes in a foreign drawing (see sample letter above). To collect the winnings, victims are told they must first pay various taxes and fees. Do not make any attempt to deposit the swepstakes check (see sample check below) or send any form of payment to the lottery or sweepstakes organizations. 


"Mega Millions" Sweepstakes Scam Alert.


Please direct questions about suspicious correspondence and financial documents to: Susan Dollins, 800.392.3709, ext. 211, sdollins@cuivre.com, or Mary Jane Clark, ext. 234, mjclark@cuivre.com.