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Learn About New EPA Rules



Dan L. Brown. Cuivre River Electric General Manager/CEO.
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From Dan L. Brown

Cuivre River Electric GM/CEO


The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed new rules to limit carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from power plants generating electricity.


These rules threaten to make electricity produced by coal too expensive to use in the future. Since coal produces 75-80% of our electricity each year, we’re concerned about keeping rates affordable to you.


Our national organization, NRECA, has developed a program for you to express your concern. You're invited to join a grassroots campaign at to email the EPA and ask its leaders to reconsider efforts to remove coal from our energy mix. Your support is needed now.


You can encourage a common sense solution that balances energy needs, affordability and environmental concerns. We all want clean air for our children and grandchildren, but believe the proposed rules are excessive and unattainable. The web site provides more information and helps you tell the EPA that you’re concerned about the consequences of the new rules.


These rules, if adopted, set stringent limits on CO2 emissions from new coal plants. In essence, they require (1) using carbon capture and sequestration (not commercially viable), or (2) eliminating coal as a future fuel source. By eliminating coal, the EPA abandons its “all-of-the-above” strategy — using renewables, natural gas, nuclear and coal to secure our energy future — and embraces an “all-but-one” strategy; use everything but coal.


Electric cooperatives oppose this change in strategy and believe the proposed rules should be withdrawn to keep electricity affordable. Many Americans cannot afford to pay significant increases in their electric bills, as they already struggle to make ends meet. Recent surveys conducted of our cooperative members show most Cuivre River members are unwilling to pay higher bills to combat alleged climate change.


The web site asks for your name, email and cooperative, and offers a prepared email message. I encourage you to send a message to the EPA as well as share this information with your friends and family. Thank you!