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Meeting Celebrates Cooperative Principles, Honors Ridder


The 2015 Annual Meeting is now in the official record books, as plans for 2016 get underway. The date — August 12, 2016 — is already on the calendar at Cuivre River and at the Family Arena, St. Charles.


A preliminary Annual Meeting report was released last month with results of the Director election and Bylaw amendments. In addition to traditional meeting reports and remarks, Board President Walter Gregory also made a special presentation to retiring Warren County District 2 Director Glenn Ridder, honoring his 29 years of service to cooperative members.


Leonard Sudbrock of Foristell was the top attendance prize winner of one year's free electricity. The $1,500 bill credit is sufficient to cover home energy costs for 12 months based on Cuivre River members' average residential energy use.


The gathering was also an opportunity for families to learn about electric safety, energy efficiency, technology and the cooperative-owned power supply network.


October is National Cooperative Month, so whether you attended the meeting or not, we hope this month you can appreciate the Cooperative Principles the meeting helps fulfill, particularly Principles # 2, 5 and 6 below.


Cuivre River is owned by the people it serves. The meeting provides all members the chance to participate in the democratic process, learn more about their Cooperative and about the cooperative network. Members can have an impact on decisions that affect their communities. Perhaps we'll see you at the meeting next year!


CREC Board President Walter Gregory Honors Glenn Ridder For 29 Years Service. 

Board President Walter Gregory (left) honors Glenn Ridder for 29 years of service to members, employees and directors. Ridder held a Warren County seat on the Cooperative's Board of Directors from 1986 through his retirement from the Board at the August 14, 2015 Annual Meeting. Ridder also served as Board Secretary Treasurer from 1991 - 2015.


Cuivre River Electric Annual Meeting Attendance Grand Prize Winner. 

General Manager/CEO Dan L. Brown (left) presents the top attendance prize to a happy and humble Leonard Sudbrock of Foristell. He won $1,500 of electricity, an amount sufficient to cover energy costs for a full year, based on average residential energy use.



Cooperative Principles


  1. Open membership: Cooperatives are open to all persons able to use their services and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership.
  2. Democratic control: Members have equal voting rights (one member, one vote) and participate in decisions which affect the organization.
  3. Economic participation: Members contribute equally to the capital of their cooperatives and allocate surpluses, if any, to develop the cooperative and benefit members in proportion to their transactions.
  4. Autonomy & independence: Cooperatives enter into agreements on terms that ensure democratic control and maintain the cooperative's autonomy.
  5. Education: Cooperatives should educate members, employees and the general public, especially youth, about democratic principles and the benefits of cooperation.
  6. Cooperation among cooperatives: Cooperatives work together locally, nationally and internationally to serve their members and strengthen the cooperative movement.
  7. Concern for community: While focusing on member needs, cooperatives work for the sustainable development of their communities.



Celebrate Cooperative Membership In October

Visit a Cuivre River office after October 1st to pick up a small "Thank You" token to honor your membership. Available while supplies last.  One item per member, please.