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Cuivre River Electric 2015 Annual Meeting Vote Absentee After July 1.Vote Absentee After July 1

On July 1 absentee voting begins for director candidates and proposed bylaw amendments on the 2015 ballot. "This is a great option for members who want to make certain they vote, but may not be able to attend the August 14 meeting," says Kevin Hurd, Manager of Member Services. To vote absentee: (1) request a voting kit by August 7 for mail delivery. Read more…


Cuivre River Electric 2015 Annual Meeting Voter Guide.Meet 2015 Director Candidates

Choose one candidate in each district; return ballot by August 13. The 2015 ballot includes the names of candidates in each of four districts. You are eligible to choose one candidate for each district. Instructions for marking your ballot are stated on the ballot. Members who vote absentee have several options to return their ballots to Cuivre River offices. In all cases, the ballots cast absentee must be returned by the close of business on Thursday, August 13. Read more…


Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Annual Meeting August 14, 2015.Save The Date: Annual Meeting August 14th

Plans for Cuivre River's August 14th Annual Meeting are well underway, says Manager of Member Services Kevin Hurd. "Members are stepping forward to seek nomination for our four director seats, committees are meeting to plan the informational displays and acquire attendance prizes, and both Cuivre River and the St. Charles Family Arena staff are making preparations for the event," he adds. Registration Card: In lieu of a postcard, the bottom portion of the August edition of the Current Times cover will once again serve as each member's registration document. Read more…


Cuivre River Electric Capital Credit Checks Will Be Mailed In First Week Of August.Capital Credit Refunds Exceed $4.8 Million

General Manager/CEO Dan L. Brown announces Cuivre River Electric Cooperative will refund a record $4.8 million in member equity this year. The refunds include a portion of the cooperative's 2014 and 1993 margins — also called "capital credits" — and will be distributed next month. Refunds will include 25% of members' equity from 2014 and 50% of the remaining equity from 1993 (a portion was previously refunded in 1994). Read more…


Dan Elliott Appointed To The Cuivre River Electric Board Of Directors.Elliott Appointed To Board Of Directors

The Cuivre River Electric Cooperative Board of Directors has named Daniel P. "Dan" Elliott, of rural Warrenton, to fill a vacant director seat in Warren County District 1. He will serve the 14 months that remain in the term for this district. Elliott has been a grocer at Moser's Foods in Warrenton for the past 18 years. He has also worked in the oil, transportation, and banking industries, and in his youth worked with his father at J.R. Elliott Plastering Company. He has attended the University of Missouri - St. Louis, and banking industry educational courses. Read more…


Rick Didion Honors Bob Jackson With A Plaque Of Gratitude.Bob Jackson Retires From The Best Job

Bob Jackson leaves Cuivre River with 36 years of stories focused on helping members and learning, with the unwavering certainty that he always had “the best job at the co-op,” whatever the task. He was hired as an Apprentice Lineman on April 2, 1979. The job meant a lot to a Vietnam era Veteran who was raising a young family and working for the highway department. The VA supported an on-the-job training program that helped Bob and several other CREC Veterans at the time. Read more…


Register Lifelines With Cuivre River Electric's Medic Alert.Register Lifelines With Medic Alert

Electricity and medicine work hand in hand to improve the quality of life and health for many. Nothing illustrates this more clearly than the use of home health equipment powered by electricity. Electricity is a lifeline for families with special needs. That’s why we’d like to know when someone depends on electricity for his or her next breath. CREC offers Medic Alert Registration so we can be aware of special needs. Read more…


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