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What Is Touchstone Energy?


Dan L. Brown. Cuivre River Electric General Manager/CEO.Dan L. Brown, General Manager/CEO

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative, Inc.

I get asked this question frequently, so that makes me think it's somewhat of a well-kept secret.
Actually, Touchstone Energy® Cooperative is an alliance of electric cooperatives that have joined together to offer their local members much more than any of us could offer individually.
It is a unifying brand for electric cooperatives regardless of size or location. It allows each of us the opportunity to benefit economically and ideologically from the goals we have in common, the principles we value, and the promises we make as standard bearers for the best attributes of electric cooperatives.
Cuivre River Electric is pleased to be among the 751 member cooperatives which make up Touchstone Energy. Your cooperative joined the brand alliance 10 years ago. Not all cooperatives have chosen this path; approximately 200 have declined to participate. But in the 15 years since its inception, Touchstone Energy's membership has reached an all-time high, with more joining the ranks each year.
So what does Touchstone Energy do for you, our cooperative member? Well, the list of benefits is fairly long, but some of the obvious include: the Co-op Connections Discount Card, Co-op Healthy Savings and Rx discounts. These programs lead the list. Last year Cuivre River members saved more than $100,000 with the Rx discount alone.
Other benefits include energy audits and advice via and, and safety and energy education tools for students, teachers and members.
Additionally, your cooperative receives free benefits in many areas such as member survey tools, employee education and training, web site design options, commercial real estate listings in our service area, and access to the "Cooperative University" where information about any energy-related topic can be found. So cooperatives get a lot of "bang for the buck" for their Touchstone Energy membership.
Like all cooperatives, Touchstone Energy is member-driven. The Board of Directors is comprised of 14 cooperative CEOs and senior staff who represent cooperative members from all regions of our country. It is their mission "to build and promote a unifying brand that helps deliver on the promise of electric cooperatives' distinct advantages, leveraging our unique relationships with member-owners to improve the quality of life in their communities."
Each Touchstone Energy Cooperative member remains autonomous, but all are united in purpose. We think this common purpose can help us achieve our own goals to provide you with safe, reliable, affordable power and build a better community.
Dan L. Brown serves on the Touchstone Energy Cooperative Board of Directors, currently as president.
Cuivre River Electric is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative.About The Logo
The Touchstone Energy logo we use stands for three groups of people working together: Cuivre River members, their Board of Directors and Cuivre River employees.
When you see the logo anywhere in the country you know there are people behind it working with each other and for each other for safe, reliable, affordable power and strong communities.


It’s just a few steps. A few steps for tradition. A few steps for innovation. A few steps for my family, friends and neighbors. The ones who do the little things. And the bigger-than-big things. A few steps so we can all stay connected… and live better lives. So we all can prosper. And just a few steps for the courage, commitment and dedication… of all the Touchstone Energy Cooperative members who got us here!


Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives: Together We Save


Cuivre River & Touchstone Energy® Cooperative. Together We Save!Plug in to the power of your Touchstone Energy Cooperative membership.


At Cuivre River Electric Cooperative, a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative, we strive to provide dependable electricity at a competitive cost to every member. But as a member, you have the power. The power to have a voice in how the co-op is run. To energize and enhance your life with affordable electricity. To save money through responsible energy use and a community of connections. The power is all yours. It’s up to you to turn it on.




Power up and learn more about the benefits of co-op membership.



Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives: Energy Savings Home Tour


Cuivre River & Touchstone Energy's Energy Savings Home Tour.Flip the switch. Lower the blinds. Insulate your attic. Lower the temperature on your thermostat. These sound like simple tasks. Take all of these steps around your home or business, though, and you can rack up big savings.


Cuivre River Electric Cooperative members can get an even better idea of potential dollar savings by taking the Energy Savings Home Tour. Within each of the home's rooms - family room, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, basement and attic - are at least two energy-saving action items.


You will be able to move through each room and complete the suggested actions, a digital counter keeps a running total of potential dollar savings, giving a visual representation of how simple changes rack up major savings.