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Electric Meter Equipment

Your Cuivre River Electric Cooperative electric meter connects energized power lines to your home. If the meter requires service or disconnection for any reason, trained employees are available to assist.


Your Electric Meter.How Your Electric Meter Works

Your Cuivre River Electric Cooperative meter is finely calibrated to accurately measure kilowatt-hours (kwhs). It is covered with a protective glass case for safety, and sealed for security. A small metal disk turns inside the meter when lights and appliances use electricity. The disk must spin 139 times to record one kwh of electricity, which represents about seven cents worth of energy. As electricity comes from the power plant to your home, many unpredictable events may cause momentary or prolonged power interruption, surges or voltage fluctuations. Animals, lightning and storms are common external causes. There are internal causes as well, such as motors and appliances. You may wish to obtain surge protection equipment to help minimize the negative effects of unexpected power disturbances.


How We Read Your Meter.How We Read Your Meter

Monthly readings are used to generate your Cuivre River Electric Cooperative electric bill. Readings are recorded with the help of several different technologies to measure your energy use as efficiently and accurately as possible. CREC meter readers use hand-held computers in many areas, and thousands of other meters transmit readings automatically using Automated meter reading (AMR) technology.




Cuivre River. Serving Our Members Since 1941.CREC is in partnership with CellNet Data Services to install meters and provide the readings via radio signal in densely populated parts of the CREC service area Another type of automated meter, called a "Turtle", is supplied by Hunt Technologies for some of the most sparsely populated areas. Turtle meters send their signals over power lines. By using both of these technologies to meet different needs CuivreRiver has one of the largest automated meter reading operations among Missouri's electric cooperatives.