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Cuivre River Electric Community Trust Awards $21,000 In Scholarships.Community Trust Awards $21,000 In Scholarships

Forty-two students from Lincoln, Pike, St. Charles and Warren counties received a total of $21,000 in scholarship awards from the Cuivre River Electric Community Trust. Students receiving scholarships are Jennifer Baker, Max Berry, Kenady Bickel, Katherine Bicker, Tanner Bross, Eli Burkemper, Mary Burkemper, Curtis Buxton, Abby Diederich, Annie Drummond, Benjamin Eggering, Lauren Eggering, Adam Eisenbath, Austin Fleming... See scholarship list...


Cuivre River Electric's New Interactive Voice Response System.New IVR Features Offer Callers More Options

Cuivre River’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) associated with our telephone system has been helping you report outages for nearly a decade. Until recently, the keys to its effectiveness have been locked into accurate member phone numbers. "As families have gradually added cell phones or dropped land lines, our database of phone numbers has become less accurate," says Manager of Engineering & Operations Rick Didion. "If you call to report an outage, it's sometimes difficult to quickly match your phone number to your member account." A recent software upgrade now offers callers multiple ways to provide account information, increasing the likelihood of a match and improving our response time. Read more...



Cuivre River Electric. Be Storm Smart. Are You Prepared?Be Storm Smart. Are You Prepared?

Promoting electrical safety is always in season - and a smart thing to do. As winter storm season approaches, Mid-Missouri electric cooperatives have gone a step further, launching the "Be Storm Smart" initiative and website for storm preparedness. The initiative includes web-based resources for storm kit preparation, generator safety and power line safety, video links for storm safety, "Kid's Page" resources for youth and things families can do to be prepared before a storm, and be safe during and after a storm. "It's important to Be Storm Smart all year long," says Safety Coordinator Doug Bagby. Read more…


Cuivre River Electric $500 Home Energy Efficiency Contest Winner.$500 Home Energy Efficiency Contest Winner

George Kessler of Foristell says a new door and more attic insulation are his top home efficiency priorities. The $500 prize he and his wife, Nora, won in Cuivre River's Home Energy Efficiency Contest will go a long way toward getting the job done.The couple moved to Foristell from St. Louis County three years ago and started working to improve their home efficiency right away. "It's a slow process, but we do a little every year," says George. They have replaced windows and a broken patio door, and added basement insulation. "When it got so cold last winter, we started caulking and stuffing insulation everywhere we could think of. We were surprised to find how many places it was missing, and how much difference it made." Read more...


Cuivre River Electric Power Quality Plus Protection.Cross Lightning Off Your List With PQ+

Weather may become stormy as fall gives way to winter, but Henry and Bar­bara Swanson of rural Warrenton aren't too worried about it. They are celebrating eight years of worry-free lightning protec­tion with Power Quality Plus (PQ+) surge protection at their home. "If you'd like to cross lightning worries off of your list, too, consider leasing a PQ+ meter base adapter this month," says Member Services Repre­sentative Bob Hysong. En­roll by November 30 and receive one free month of protection plus the chance to win a multi-media surge protection strip. Members who lease PQ+ equipment have had a lightning strike, a near miss, or know some­one who did. Read more…


MyCuivreApp Now Available To Cuivre River Members!MyCuivreApp Helps Members "Pay On The Go"

Cuivre River is pleased to announce a new mobile app for smart phones and mobile devices is now available. Following more than a month of "live" testing in multiple formats, the MyCuivreApp can now be downloaded   from iTunes and Google Play. The apps offer one-touch access to fast, secure account information for members who use iPhone, iPad and Android devices. As interest in mobile and electronic payment methods has grown, recent reports indicate fewer than 30% of members currently pay their Cuivre River bills by placing a check in the mail. Read more…


Cuivre River And CoBank Team Up To Share Success.CREC And CoBank Team Up To Share Success

CoBank and Cuivre River Electric Cooperative have teamed up to help St. Charles Community College (SCC) students through CoBank's "Sharing Success" grant program. The result: $10,000 to support scholarships at SCC; $5,000 from each organization. Through its "Sharing Success" challenge grant program, CoBank matches contributions its cooperative customers, such as Cuivre River, make to nonprofit organizations they nominate for the grant. The program offers a dollar-for-dollar match up to a maximum of $5,000. Read more…


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