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Cuivre River Electric Take Control & Save Rebate Program


Cuivre River’s Take Control & Save rebate program, funded primarily by power supplier Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. (AECI) of Springfield, continues to make high-efficiency products with demand-reducing capabilities more affordable for many Cuivre River members.


$2,729,879.00 and counting... More than 3,100 members have received a total of $2,729,879.00 in rebates from Cuivre River Electric since the rebate program began in 2008. Demand savings from Ground Source and Dual Fuel Heat Pump installations range from 7-10 megawatts compared to standard efficiency electric heating options. More than 4,450 tons of high efficiency heating and cooling have been installed.


The overall goal of the Take Control & Save program is improved operating efficiency across the AECI power supply network 24 hours a day. With this goal in mind, rebate parameters are adjusted periodically.


Current rebates for residential and commercial facilities include:


Cuivre River Electric Water Heater Rebate Application.


$50 Water Heater Rebate for 90%+ efficient standard electric and Heat Pump tank-style water heaters 40 gallon minimum (Tankless units are not eligible).


Cuivre River Electric Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate. 


$750 per Ton Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate for qualifying new installations, 19.1 EER, other conditions also apply. Replacement GSHPs may qualify for $150 per Ton.


Cuivre River Electric Basement/Crawl Space/Slab Insulation Rebate.


50% Insulation Rebate (up to $500 maximum) for insulation when installed in conjunction with a GSHP. A rebate is available for basement, crawl space or slab floor insulation that meets current Energy Star® R-Value recommendations.



Cuivre River Electric Dual Fuel Mini Split Rebate. 



$150 per Ton Dual Fuel Heat Pump Rebate for qualifying Air Source Heat Pump systems, 16.5 SEER minimum, installed with a new or existing supplemental gas or propane heating system, other conditions apply.




$150 per Ton Mini-Split Air Source Heat Pump Rebate for qualified systems that meet the same requirements as the current Dual Fuel Heat Pump program. No electric resistant heat is permitted and units must have a minimum 16.5 SEER rating.


Mini-split systems are often installed to heat and cool room additions and previously unconditioned areas.


Business Lighting Rebate


In addition to rebates for both residential and commercial use, a lighting rebate is available for commercial establishments and schools undertaking energy-efficient lighting installations and upgrades. Pre- and post-lighting audits are required. Rebates are based on the amount of energy to be saved per fixture (10-bulb minimum). The amount is capped at $30,000 per year, and cannot exceed 40% of the total capital cost of the lighting equipment.


Business Lighting Rebate Criteria

Business Lighting Rebate Application

Business Lighting Rebate Worksheet

Business Lighting Rebate Existing Equipment Tables

Business Lighting Rebate New Equipment Tables

Business Lighting Contractors List


For more information about Take Control & Save rebates call (800) 392-3709, ext. 4833, 4399, 4732 or 4733.


Federal Tax Credits Continue Through 2016


Tax credits for big-ticket improvements, including ground source heat pumps and both solar and wind energy systems, have a 30% federal tax credit with no upper limit through December 31, 2016.


To obtain details visit or the Internal Revenue Service website. Many items require a written documentation that the item qualifies for a tax credit. To apply for the efficiency credits, use Tax Form #5695.


*Consult with your tax advisor on tax credit limits and qualifications.


For more information on the ENERGY STAR Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency click on the link below.


ENERGY STAR Federal Tax Credit Information.